oh actually one negative about todays dragon age stream im sorry but the music while you’re in the skyhold is like 4-8 bars of looped war/marching drums and for a neutral zone music with such heavy percussion its less than ideal - its distracting very boring and incredibly annoying after a while. i really hope they change it for the final product. the camp music from da:o was perfect something non invasive and actually nice to listen to for long periods of time.

you can name your crafted weapons in da:i so i have now decided that im calling every weapon i craft for iron bull ‘mayhem’ 


Aaaand we’re done here.

Track: Space Pirates in Space Trailer
Artist: Meeee
Album: Good Morning Zakera Ward
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Space Pirates In Space Trailer Music - GMZW

its supposed to be a parody of trailer music but i worked super hard on it because it was fun and ended up being pretty happy with the way it came out so here it is just with the music and no sound/dialogue over it (but still go listen to the episode its in its super funny especially mass effect fans)


Sleepy baby ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

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Nondisney challenge  Favorite soundtrack: The Prince of Egypt

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